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In the distant future, the millenial anniversary of the Federation of Corporations:

Super-corporations have eradicated war by replacing it with simulated battles using hyper-advanced autonomous robot proxy fighters: A-bots. There has been no war for just over one-thousand years. A-bots have become a symbol of peace and freedom, and relative prosperity extends over the whole world.

However, several thousand bots stored at a remote depot in the Niscah region have suddenly turned on without explanation, and all attempts to remotely disengage them have failed. The villages nearby have been evacuated, but there is no telling what they could do if they reach a highly populated area.

Equipped with the latest version R-bot, The K-type 1107 your mission is to disable or destroy these rogue bots to protect our human life and dignity. We're counting on you!

This game was made in a month for Devtober 2019. If one of the builds doesn't work, let me know so I can try to fix it (I have no idea if the mac build will work--give it a go and let me know!). I ran out of time for implementing alternate control schemes. This game is best enjoyed with a controller, but I did add keyboard controls:

move: left control stick (keyboard up/down/left/right)
shoot: button 0 (keyboard s)
shield: left and right bumpers (keyboard a/d)

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy it!


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