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In a strange future, mysterious giant alien Mycelia (it means "funguses") began to appear out of nowhere, ravaging the peoples of the world with their giant claws and laser beams! You are earth's last hope! Fight to protect the vulnerable populations of earth!

This game and all its components were made in one month as part of Persistent Roguelike Jam. I made the art with Aseprite, the music with LSDJ, the sound effects with SFXR, and everything is tied together in Godot Engine 3.2

Big thanks to @nightblade99 for killing my most formidable bug, and to @some_px as I used one of his incredible pixel fonts.


World Map
Arrow Keys: Cursor Movement
A/Enter Key: Select enemy to fight/increment simulation time

Battle Map
Arrow Keys: Movement
A Key: Primary Weapon
S Key: Secondary Weapon

How to Play

The world is procedurally generated, so when you enter the world map, you will likely need to increment the simulation (Pressing Enter/A) before any funguses rear their ugly pilei (it means "mushroom caps"). Use the Arrow Keys on the world map to select a city with an enemy in it, and press Enter or the A Key to enter combat with the enemy in defense of the city. When you enter a battle to defend a city, you will be equipped with the mecha that that city has on hand, outfitted with particular gear.  This will be different from city to city.

Heads up: Some of the primary and secondary weapons require you to hold the button to fire, while others fire on release. Holding the special button (S Key) with horizontal or vertical missiles equipped only activates the targeting system. You'll need to release it after targeting one or more enemies to fire the missiles.


Mecha Roguelike_win.zip 25 MB
Mecha Roguelike_Linux_64.zip 26 MB
Mecha Roguelike_MacOS.zip 27 MB

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